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Turbosport was formed by Mark Baines in 1991 Formally of Baines racing engines Mark has over 35 years of a high performance & racing engine specialist Mark now runs the design and testing departments manufacturing CNC camshaft grinding, billet crankshafts, forged conrods, billet flywheels, vernier pulleys, dry sump systems, throttle bodies, solid lifters, stainless valves and much more.

Turbosport engines are the cutting edge in development and design. Manufacturing many of the parts in-house all machine work balancing, boring, grinding, CNC head porting flow bench testing and dyno testing is done in-house producing race winning engines that deliver the power they want when they want it giving them the chequered flag.

In 1999 we started investing in CNC machines in our workshops we now have over thirty, so we can give our customers the precision they need for high-performance engine parts. for all types of racing engines classic and vintage engines to a one-off or big batch and also keep in stock over 6000 different items.

Discount coupons available for regular users and large orders, just call the sales hotline

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